Ikiwiki uses many templates for many purposes. By editing its templates, you can fully customise this site.

Templates are located in /usr/share/ikiwiki/templates by default; the templatedir setting can be used to make another directory be searched first. Customised templates can also be placed inside the "templates/" directory in your wiki's source.

Ikiwiki uses the HTML::Template module as its template engine. This supports things like conditionals and loops in templates and is pretty easy to learn. All you really need to know to modify templates is this:

  • To insert the value of a template variable, use <TMPL_VAR variable>.
  • To make a block of text conditional on a variable being set use <TMPL_IF variable>text</TMPL_IF>.
  • To use one block of text if a variable is set and a second if it's not, use <TMPL_IF variable>text<TMPL_ELSE>other text</TMPL_IF>

template pages

The template directive allows wiki pages to be used as templates, filled out and inserted into other pages in the wiki.

Add a new template named:



wiki templates

These templates are used to build the wiki. The aim is to keep almost all html out of ikiwiki and in the templates.

  • page.tmpl - Used for displaying all regular wiki pages. This is the key template to customise.
  • rsspage.tmpl - Used for generating rss feeds for blogs.
  • rssitem.tmpl - Used for generating individual items on rss feeds.
  • atompage.tmpl - Used for generating atom feeds for blogs.
  • atomitem.tmpl - Used for generating individual items on atom feeds.
  • inlinepage.tmpl - Used for displaying a post in a blog.
  • archivepage.tmpl - Used for listing a page in a blog archive page.
  • titlepage.tmpl - Used for listing a page by title in a blog archive page.
  • microblog.tmpl - Used for showing a microblogging post inline.
  • blogpost.tmpl - Used for a form to add a post to a blog (and rss/atom links)
  • feedlink.tmpl - Used to add rss/atom links if blogpost.tmpl is not used.
  • aggregatepost.tmpl - Used by the aggregate plugin to create a page for a post.
  • searchform.tmpl, googleform.tmpl - Used by the search plugin and google plugin to add search forms to wiki pages.
  • searchquery.tmpl - This is a Omega template, used by the search plugin.
  • comment.tmpl - Used by the comments plugin to display a comment.
  • change.tmpl - Used to create a page describing a change made to the wiki.
  • recentchanges.tmpl - Used for listing a change on the RecentChanges page.
  • autoindex.tmpl - Filled in by the autoindex plugin to make index pages.
  • autotag.tmpl - Filled in by the tag plugin to make tag pages.
  • calendarmonth.tmpl, calendaryear.tmpl - Used by ikiwiki-calendar to make calendar archive pages.
  • editpage.tmpl, editconflict.tmpl, editcreationconflict.tmpl, editfailedsave.tmpl, editpagegone.tmpl, pocreatepage.tmpl, editcomment.tmpl commentmoderation.tmpl, renamesummary.tmpl, passwordmail.tmpl, openid-selector.tmpl - Parts of ikiwiki's user interface; do not normally need to be customised.